Mabie Todd

19th century meets the 21st century
Born in the 1860's, Mabie Todd has experienced huge changes. Multiple ups & downs, wars, takeovers and changes of ownership to name but a few.

Famous worldwide for quality fountain pens, in particular the Swan Pen. Today, Mabie Todd has been reborn with the same philosophy of quality manufacturing but adapted for the modern world.

Mabie Todd is now a manufacturer and retailer of pen making supplies, allowing craftsmen & women, along with hobbyists to create their own pens at home or in their sheds & workshops.

Following the popularity of pen turning we've also widened our user base by continually adding to our growing range of craft supplies, with ring making now very popular along with wood & resin crafts.

2020 brought much change and the need to be occupied whilst at home has added to the increasing number of people taking up a craft or hobby.

160 years on Mabie Todd is back with great things to come...

Mabie Todd Brands

Greenvill Crafts

Pen & ring making & more

UK Pen Blanks

Pen turning blanks



Ring cores, blanks & tools



Quality fountain pen ink
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